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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is shared by a dedicated team who visit people in their homes, hospitals and rest homes, and prepare and deliver meals when required, in times of illness, or for families with a new baby. Visiting is a great means of communication and support in times of need, or just to catch up with members who, for whatever reason, have not attended Church for a while. On a rostered basis with other local Churches, we also lead a short Church service at Lexham Park Rest Home.




Are you an avid reader? St Paul's Church has a comprehensive library with an excellent selection of reading material across all sections. Our Library is situated adjacent to the foyer and you are welcome to browse through the shelves - members of the Library team are always willing to assist with any queries. There is a catalogue on the library table should you wish to search for a particular book held in the library. Fresh reading is added to the shelves regularly and we still have a video section as well as children's DVDs.

To borrow a book, fill out the card in the pocket at the back of the book and leave in the card box. Please return the book to the RETURNS box on the library table. Our Library is a wonderful resource provided for us by the Church family.


Regular prayer meetings are held:

Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am in the Church Lounge; Sunday mornings at 9:30 am before the Worship Service in the Chapel; and after the service on Sundays in the Chapel. Private prayer with the Minister or an elder is available on request or a prayer box is situated in the foyer where specific requests are addressed by a team from the Church.



'Helping to transform the lives of young people'


The Nursery is a small room next to the auditorium, where parents can go with their babies if the need arises and still see and hear the service. There are blinds and a comfy chair if you need some privacy.


Creche is held in the Lounge and runs during the 10:00 am Worship Service for preschool aged children. It is supervised by members of the Church. All our volunteers has been police vetted so it is a safe place for parents to leave their children. Children are welcome to remain with their family during the service.

Sunday School

Our Scripture Union and Kids Friendly programme is aimed at school aged children Year 1 to Year 8.

We endeavor in making our session fun and hands on and present the lessons in various ways to include different learning styles.  Treasure hunts, cooking and arts and craft are just some of the fun activities we offer.  and lots more fun!


Intune Youth Group meet at the church every Friday night 7pm-9pm during the school term. For school Year 9 - 13. 

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