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core values

We value belonging to a church family where all feel supported and loved.​

We value helping people to receive the gift of eternal life in Christ.​

We value encouraging and challenging all to grow in their relationship with God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.​


'We uphold the authority of the Holy Bible as the foundation of our faith and teaching - 2 Timothy 3:16'


We value gathering together to worship God through prayer, praise and thanksgiving, in well-prepared worship,
presented in a variety of styles that connect with people of different age groups and musical preferences.

We value participation in small groups for building relationships and spiritual growth.

We value people sharing their faith through their lives, their words, and their love, in local and global outreach.

We value the wholehearted offering of everyone's God-given gifts and talents, giving our best for God's kingdom.​

We value servant leadership that upholds and implements our core values, leading by example,
and encouraging others to do likewise.


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