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Counselling & Mentoring
Katikati College

Mentoring at Katikati College came from trying to get 24/7 going, which is a programme that works with the school and the Church - but it needed money from both parties. In this instance, it never happened, although it has been a very successful venture in a lot of other schools. The school approached Cate when she was our young families pastor and asked if we could help with mentoring and we both jumped at the opportunity to walk along side these hurting girls. It's something I carried on doing when I gave up being a youth pastor, as I'm passionate about young people. A mentor is not a trained counsellor or a saviour - it's about LOVE, understanding, caring, sharing and encouraging. A mentee needs to feel important and they need your trust. The value of mentoring is in watching these girls learn to deal with their problems.

There has to be honesty, transparency, opening our lives to inspection warts and all.

Been Around Before Store​
Opening Hours:
9:30 am-4:30 pm: Monday-Friday
9:30 am-12 noon: Saturday

The Apollos Charitable Foundation Trust was founded by the St Paul's Presbyterian Church in Katikati, as a fundraising arm for the church and other charities. It runs, among other projects, a second-hand clothing and apparel shop at the north end of the main street, under the name 'BABS'. The shop sells well-presented clean stock, along with other items to entice the discerning buyer to come and browse. The shop is open Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings.


St Paul's works in conjunction with the Katikati Foodbank. Requests for parcels can be left at the office and they will be forwarded to the Foodbank for assessment.


Moggies Market
8:00 am: second Saturday of the
month at the Katikati Memorial Hall

Moggies Market is a community initiative, held once a month at the local Memorial Hall. St Paul's fund-raising stall sell home-made cakes, jams, pickles, jellies, preserves and home-grown produce.


Paddy's Market

Keep an eye on our event page for date: held at St Paul's Church

Paddy's Market, our major fundraising event is generally held in October. Our feature stall generally has a different focus each year. Our main stalls sell home-made cakes, jams, pickles and preserves, plants and produce, morning teas, home crafts, books, silent auction and white elephant which carries second-hand electrical goods, furniture and many other items.

If anyone would feel like they could do this rewarding job, please come and see me - the need is great. Prayer for the school and our youth is always needed.

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